Recent Work

Tools for Success [PDF] — Shaker Life, Spring 2014
In-depth profile of Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls.

Eat Well. Be, June 2014
Six ways to get teenagers to eat healthier today.

How a Parent Can Help a Disorganized, February 2014
Feature article on understanding why some teenagers are so disorganized—and how to help.

How to Talk to Your Teenager After School (Hint: Don’t Ask About Homework), February 21, 2014

Philanthropy 25 Cents at a Time [PDF] — Shaker Life, April/May 2013
Introducing a neighborhood lemonade stand that’s raised almost $800 over the past three years.

A New Vibrancy [PDF] — Shaker Life, December 2012/January 2013
An in-depth look at how Shaker Heights is revitalizing its Chagrin-Lee district.

Peer Pressure? No Thanks!Your Teen, Winter 2013
How to help teenagers resist their peers when it matters most.

Don’t Wait Until You’re In Line at the DMV to Have This, January 2014


From the Archives

Freshwater Cleveland

Thinking Outside the Box is Easy at Think[Box], October 2012
Recruiters Say City Has Room for Improvement,
September 2012
Are We There Yet?, August 2012
Share the Road
, May 2012
Putting the “Metro” in Metroparks, May 2012
What Neighborhoods Need, March 2012
Rock Hall Continues its Evolution, February 2012
Go Media is Putting Cleveland on the Map, December 2011
Clevelanders Bullish on Farmers Markets, April 2011
Regatta Revival, April 2011

Your Teen

When Sports Go Wrong, Summer 2013
Not Ready for a Four-Year College? That’s OkayYour Teen, Spring 2013
Up Late? Teenagers, Summer, Sleep, June 2013
My Baby’s Driving: Advice for Parents [PDF], Summer 2012
College Corner: Helping Teens Find Their Passion
, [PDF] Summer 2012
Landing the Helicopter
, Spring 2012
College Corner: What Happens When You Hit Submit, [PDF] Spring 2012
Taking Charge of Technology: Strategies for Your Family
, Winter 2012
Teens & Popularity: What Parents Need to Know [PDF], Fall 2011
Teens Speaking Loudly [PDF], Summer 2010.
Missing Nancy Drew, Summer 2010

Shaker Life Magazine

Interview with Shaker’s Director of Recreation [PDF], Winter 2014
Giving Back: Citizen Volunteers Help Keep Shaker Safe [PDF], April/May 2013
Grandma and Grandpa are Here
[PDF], August/September 2012
 [PDF], April/May 2012
Here Comes the Sun
 [PDF] , December/January 2012
Shaker is for the Birds [PDF], February/March 2011
Pleasures Of Biking [PDF], June/July 2010
Shaker Dances [PDF], December 2010/January 2011

Think Magazine

Flannery Serves on White House Panel, Spring/Summer 2013
The Bible Says That?
, Fall 2012/Winter 2013
Have Cash, Will Spend (Locally)
, Fall 2012/Winter 2013
Share This … and That
 [PDF], Spring/Summer 2012